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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bennet G. Kelley Internet Law Center a shameful unethical human being Cyber Law and Radio - Webmaster Radio

I have the legal documents and will be adding them, showing Bennet Kelley's perjury on the courts, even humorously adding me to it for informing people of his same old garbage, fake complaint, TROs filed, Injunctive Relief, try to tie you up in court/legal fees and break you emotionally and financially.   What kind of sick fuck does something like this especially to minority women?   

Bennet Kelley has now finalized the almost 2 years court case against Khama Anku a young black professional woman that was harassed by Bennet Kelley's client Scott Pummell, who has no money.  Bennet took the case as a courtesy for a friend he has known since his days at Value Click,
The gest of it is this
Khama knew Scott when he lived in California, they were never romantically involved.  She had a house cleaning business and he was a client.  Scott moves to Kentucky and starts contacting Khama years later on the phone and via Facebook.  Then he tells Khama how he wants to visit her and learn more about her current successful business a coaching service online.  Scott sends gifts to Khama then wants to visit her in California.  Then out of the blue he admits he has a girlfriend and has a disorder where he is not taking his medications. 

Meanwhile Mr. Manboobs himself is
claiming he invented Email.  Notice his appearance facial sores
The sick pleasure he takes in harassing people especially women
Khama left him a few messages "that Scott was an idiot trying to play games with another woman, and that he should take his meds before someone gets hurt" . She asked him, To stop sending gifts to her home. 
Fast forward, Bennet Kelley steps in and files a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Ms. Anku.  This is an old tactic of Bennet Kelley, he has filed 3 or 4 against me and they are always thrown out.  In this TRO he claimed that Anku in California was on the verge of murder and that Scott feared for his life, his girlfriend and his "dad"- the TRO was set aside.  Anku's attorney thought it was straight up bullshit but agreed to a "agreement" - the agreement that is all in Bennet Kelley's chicken scratch handwriting, (spelling Khama's name wrong) asked for both parties to leave each other alone and that there be no contact.  Reasonable right?   well not with Bennet Kelley, because he did the same to me then HE decides to write horrible things about you (the agreement includes the plaintiff and the defendant -not the crazy attorney writing the agreement)  with his poison pen amateur writing skills.  Bennet Kelley cannot simply part ways he has to torment the other party in a sick online smear and #legalharassment.  Bennet Kelley also paid $1,500.00 to Khama Anku. There is a copy of the check 

Fast forward about 7/2016
Bennet Kelley had contacted Ms. Anku's step father as Scott the chicken shit, had informed him that Khama had told him she was sad as he was keeping her from seeing her little sister and her mother., the step father is an executive with BP oil in England and is also from Ghana as Khama's family is.  Khama's legal father is also very wealthy and currently lives back in Ghana, he owns land and is a physician.  So Bennet Kelley proceeds to contact her step father knowing there is a problem there (same thing he did to me called my brother- who has issues with everyone in my family)  trying to work her family against her causing her more stress, then contacting her stepfather's attorney Joseph Land and asked for a letter he wrote her asking Khama to take down photos from her blog of her and her adorable little sister.   Bennet likes not only appearing that he wins but to cause emotional harm for families.  
The first part of this case that was settled with an agreement and PUT TO BED was done at the Santa Monica Court House.  Taking up government resources, time, courthouse system is getting Bennet G. Kelley in a lot of hot water.  
Khama Anku then posts online what Bennet Kelley was doing and how he had accused her of "being on the verge of murder" "she is in a rage" and the "she would cross states from California to Kentucky to inflict harm on his deadbeat client Scott Pummell.  

October 2016 
 Bennet Kelley tries to reopen the settled case and transfers it to Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, He claims Khama broke "terms of the contract" (which we found out later wasn't even legit) and that he was seeking damages that this has caused duress for Scott Pummell and that he couldn't say it "hurt his business" it "kept at least one woman from accepting a date from Scott"  -  HELLO- didn't you say you had a girlfriend.....This crap gets better, Bennet Kelley is known for filing "busy work" to appear he has a lot of stuff on someone, (declarations from himself and his scum wife, motions, etc.)  and all it is paperwork.   The First attorney she hires is famous family of MARK GERAGOS -Greg Kiragosian, that immediately had to correct the court that crazy Bennet filed in.  Since he was asking for $20,000 in damages it had to go to another court.  Bennet was forced to pay another fee then proceded to send his dumb ass wife Wanda J. Rudd repeatedly to Khama's home with crap paperwork.  Wanda J. Rudd is not licensed nor bonded as a process server.  What kind of IDIOT would send his wife to a so-called "murderesses" home with crap paperwork?
Bennet Kelley tries to make nice with Khama asks her to dinner, and starts harassing her with phone calls, visits to her home by his dingbat wife, and texting her (yes there is copies of the texts) even one humorous text of a table with a candle asking her to come around the corner for dinner to talk about this situation.  WHAT?  you want to go to dinner with someone you just called a "MURDERER"  
Files an injunctive relief against Khama and then admits on his facebook page that it's a "bogus" 
"took under submission" aka took the filing fee and paper work
YES - this injunctive relief against Khama Anku was DENIED by the courts. 

Slipping into mental illiness

November / December 2016
 Bennet Kelley is now in over his head, after frantically asking Khama to settle and go to dinner with him, he proceeds to call her attorney morning new and night.  He even tries stalking him at Engine 25 Restaurant and Bar in the Geragos & Geragos building.  "Oh fancy meeting you here Greg"  uh Bennet my office is upstairs ( L O S E R)  Greg thought the case was obviously stupid and the complaint was a subject of courthouse chatter, Bennet Kelley has once again made an ass out of himself.   Khama decides Greg cannot help her as he wants to just make Bennet go away and PLAY by the court rules, with Bennet you have to fight him on his level.  Another Attorney was hired but again they refused to play dirty like Bennet and would only answer his perjury instead of file nonsense back at Bennet Kelley.  They are hired to "defend" Khama and did just that, but with Kelley you need to fight Bennet Kelley.   I hope all of you that are currently being harassed by Bennet Kelley read and learn what his methods are, they are dirty and sinister but predictable leaving a trail of bread crumbs everywhere at the courthouse, for the California Bar Association.   

March April May 2017 
Khama acting on her own behalf starts to defend herself as a pro se attorney, answering his silly fake nonsense and also filing cross complaints., Bennet Kelley wants a conference to schedule the calendar and then forwards ridiculous interogatory questions that had nothing to do with the outcome of the case.  The usual, Bennet Kelley has put questions in mine asking my late parents questions, and other side bar harassing things that only got him into trouble.  deeper and deeper more of a paper trial, and Bennet Kelley loves to write.  He has a secret desire to be a famous writer, but he never will be.  The extent of his writing is Big Story Telling, slandering politicians, and slandering people that have kicked his ass in court where he cannot get a judgment not even a summary judgment.   His reputation as an attorney is horrible, if not laughable. He couldn't even prove he actually did effectuate the "service" (Proof of Service) by his dingbat wife WANDA J. RUDD.  Bennet's other fraud on the court is filing out paper work having it served but never filing the paper work at the court house,  He also likes to show that online but never the fact the paperwork is dismissed. Court Schedule of the case

To be continued ...enough for today.  .....Bennet Kelley will exhaust you with his paper trail and shenanigans.  He has destroyed a forest of trees with his busy work.   

Sunday, October 9, 2016

He's BAAAAACK! this time with the same old stories Bennet Kelley Restraining Order Scam

Fake TROs
Someone is trying to murder someone
Ex parte Injunction attempt
breaks agreement
picks on family members.


Bennet Kelley and his fake Mary profile are in a lot of trouble with the bar.
Bennet do you walk around constantly looking over your shoulder?
We have no room for you in California, we have plenty of new attorneys every year graduating we don't need an attorney that is known as the "one" that will write nasty gossipy stories and file false paperwork.
its over.  This victim means business and has a great attorney
and he actually knows paul krekorian unlike you. LMAO

Friday, November 6, 2015

Vanessa Kachadurian on how does someone try to re market themselves

No words need to be said, from Internet Law to so called "Entertainment Media Law" and hiding behind the skirt of a newbie attorney that is very much friends with the Armenian community.

There is more to having a successful career than re branding after you killed your career and continue to peddle an 11 year old book that you didn't write, or branding yourself as a Keynote speaker when you are an unpaid speaker, and mostly a panel format.

Kelley shamelessly peddles "Bush Lies" on every horrid Huffington entry as if he wrote it.  It's basically the same old Bennet Kelley - filthy and vile gossip.  Stealing everyone else words and story lines.  Bennet Kelley has to PAY to even get himself on webmaster radio.   With an audience of barely 6 a week he should save his money, he will never get into Entertainment Law.  He knows who controls the industry, and it's not him.  No chance in this lifetime of ever making it in California.

Heather Antoine if you are reading, my friends in the Beverly Hills Bar Association and those that work at the California Bar Association have tried to warn you.  Bennet Kelley is no speaker, no writer, and not an ethical attorney.   Filing false and vextaous litigation and cyber squatting on his opposing attorney's website has earn Bennet Kelley a 1 way ticket back to Rhode Island.  The offer still stands.  It might be his best option cause in California he is known as poison him and his online antics.  But worse, he harassed my late 80 year old parents and filed false charges against me because he cannot stand to lose (which is often) so there you have it, Bennet Kelley's made up career.  What happens when you represent a baby seller and file junk paperwork.  His reputation is done in Calif.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Vanessa Kachadurian the sad over the top marketing of a celebrity career that never was

Bennet Kelley marketed himself as "speaking at Stanford" the
truth is it was a conference for E-Commerce. Not a speaking format but a panel discussion.

Bennet Kelley the internet attorney and so-called advocate for "cyber harassment" has lied
and overstated his credentials. 
The Stanford Law Alumni Association has several Armenians on it, they were contacted- a 
formal complaint filed with the ethics department of the chair. 
This E-Commerce Conference consisted of 8 topics of discussion.  
8 different panels with 5-6 people each on it with a facilitator.

Bennet Kelley was on the social online rating section and spoke about "Yelp"....well he didn't 
exactly "speak" about it he made some remarks about Yelp about 5 sentences I am told.  
Bennet Kelley had to pay his own expenses, travel, hotel stay out of his own pocket.

This was not a paid for fee speakng event.
Bennet Kelley misused the photo of Stanford University without prior consent. 

Bennet Kelley is also using an ancient photo of himself a more "GQ" fake image
This is what he really looks like.

We beg to ask....What career?

This Holtsville, NY - Sag Harbor resident continues
to troll my websites.   He still feels he owes the person who purchased his daughter from
a poor woman in Armenia, in the days of open adoptions- where if he had any connections could have
negotiated his own adoption.  Even after Robin's firing from Carolina Adoption Services he remains a
loyal minion to the false savior of children. Reduced to saving overpriced severely disabled children of Armenia
and of those other obscure countries where Robin's nonsense flies under the radar.  He is a short midget lawyer who plays
in a rock band and praises Robin for adoption of muslims kids from Morocco to fake christian clients via Kefala ceremony.  What this manipulated midget doesn't understand is the damage one time BFF Jeannie Sobie has done and Bennet Kelley Yes a few remaining loyalists pseudo Armenians remain, but the old Yahoo group .......keeps it's distance after your true colors came out -       Hope the reunion was a success.  
As international adoptions drop to under 5,000 a year to the USA from a high of 22,000 (2005)  what obscure country is next ?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vanessa Kachadurian the King of Smear takes on the King of Beer

It seems the shameful conduct of Bennet Kelley continues, he uses Huffington as his personal "BITCHfest" to rant about anything and everything.  Bennet Kelley slanders everyone and believes he does no wrong, but there he goes again abusing yet another branded logo. 
Bennet Kelley maybe careful to not get sanctioned or the California Bar Association on him but he does have a few people in the legal department of Budweiser concerned about their image being tarnished by Slander for Hire Bennet Kelley.  He will risk his Law License to harm someone and file fake lawsuits. 
The one that is really hurting is Bennet Kelley with a radio show HE pays for and a non existent law career, writing career, politics, or anything else. 
Huffington legal department has also been contacted how Kelley uses their blog as a hate campaign tagging people's names to articles (like mine) and lead SEO and brilliant computer image expert Pierre Zavorian of Reputation Stars.
If Bennet Kelley hates you (like the World Cup in Qatar) he will write about you and slander below the belt.  Pullng out all stops including jeopardizing his law career which is currently under the microscope in California Courts who are well aware of the serious abuse of court time to set people up and make them pay for exposing Kelley for what he is.
A horrible Attorney
No political Analyst or expert
A slanderer low life with a law license
Protects human traffickers
Represents Spam Marketers
Rants on a free Radio Blog
Rants on Huffington about nothing but stolen ideas and articles
No writing career
Comical Self-Marketing of himself
Overexposure of his big ugly mouth
Not a professional Speaker or expert on Internet Law
Not an advocate for Cyber Harassment (he is the one that harasses)
Abuses branded logos  illegally
Abuses government seals to appear "official"
Has over 6 Twitter accounts
Multiple online identities

Hopefully Budweiser and Huffington start holding Bennet Kelley accountable for his unprofessional behavior.  Ariana Huffington is friends of the Armenian community although she sold Huffington, there is little doubt she would like Bennet Kelley abusing her name with using Huffington to slander people.   Huffington needs to vet writers better - although they have thousands of contributors it's time to send the slander of Bennet Kelley packing. 

Bennet Kelley slanders the sponsors of the world cup to chase them away in shame. 
But Bennet Kelley doesn't understand or know just how high the stakes are for advertising the World Cup. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Vanessa Kachadurian Armenian Advocacy Day at the California State Senate, Join us April 20th

There are buses coming from Los Angeles, San Francisco
Please come to the state capital and meet members of the senate as well as
visit the rotunda with a display of patents

While in Sacramento go to the California Museum there is a 3 month display on

My friend Hratch is one of the top Armenian Rug and textile dealers helped to set it up.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Vanessa Kachadurian and setting the record straight on Prosecutorial Misconduct LICENSED TO LIE Santa Monica

City of Santa Monica - City Attorney's office

Lawyers working for and with the Innocence Project across the country have freed more than 1,300 people, many of whom have been incarcerated for decades for crimes they did not commit. This publication and others, including the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the New York Observer, are trying to wake us up. The truth about victims of prosecutorial misconduct is that, but for the grace of God, there go any one of us. Prosecutorial misconduct in its worst forms is difficult to uncover.
 It can be as egregious as obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury. The defense doesn’t know what it doesn’t know. Judges want and expect to be able to trust the prosecutors, and judges have their own limitations and biases. Too few are willing to face how pernicious and pervasive this problem is. A prosecutor willing to lie or hide evidence to achieve a result has the ability to do so — with no ramifications. Prosecutors enjoy absolute immunity, and bar associations do little to nothing in most cases. Fortunately, most prosecutors strive to do their difficult jobs with honor, fairness, and integrity. They internalize and exemplify the Supreme Court’s mandate that the United States Attorney seek justice — not convictions.
Unfortunately, however, as the reversals, exonerations, and belated disclosures have begun to show, far too many prosecutors pursue their own personal agendas instead of justice. They see the high-profile cases as steppingstones to positions of power, wealth, and influence. For example, the Enron Task Force prosecutors about whom I wrote in my book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice became President Obama’s longest-serving White House counsel (Kathryn Ruemmler); general counsel of the FBI (and now head of the Corporate Fraud section at the Department of Justice, Andrew Weissmann); the acting assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, who then micromanaged the corrupted prosecution of former senator Ted Stevens, thereby changing the balance of power in the Senate (Matthew Friedrich); and our current assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division (Leslie Caldwell). Even though every case they took to trial was reversed in whole or in part for some form of prosecutorial overreaching, they skyrocketed to positions at the top of international law firms and in government.
Prosecutorial misconduct in its various forms accounts for more than half of wrongful convictions, yet prosecutors continue to enjoy absolute immunity, far too much judicial respect and deference, and no repercussions from their superiors or bar associations even when their violations are intentional. It’s time to consider some new remedies. Prosecutors, who should meet a higher standard, should meet at least the same standard to which defendants are held. It’s time for Congress to introduce open-file discovery legislation, which would compel prosecutors to disclose all evidence or information to a criminal defendant and stipulate serious penalties for their failure to do so. A criminal defendant has a constitutional right to any evidence that may be favorable to his defense, but neither prosecutors nor judges are equipped to make that determination. Only the defense can do that, as the Supreme Court said long ago, when it also told prosecutors that any doubt should be resolved in favor of disclosure. Unfortunately, many prosecutors turned their cases into a game they sought to win at any cost.
As Judge Kozinski recently noted from the bench in an oral argument, it’s time to consider perjury prosecutions for prosecutors who lie to courts — and obstruction-of-justice charges if they intentionally hide evidence. Citizen-influenced conviction-integrity units should be established to review questionable prosecutions and outrageous results. Prison should be reserved for people who are a danger to the community. Those who are not dangerous could be engaged in more-productive activities (at no or little cost to the taxpayers) while they pay restitution or their debt to society. We can and must do better. We owe it to ourselves and each other. We cannot afford and should not tolerate prosecutors who are licensed to lie. Both political parties should be able to recognize the problem and to agree on the solutions. Only fair trials serve justice; wrongful prosecutions hurt everyone. CPAC should lead the way for reform. —
Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor in three federal districts under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties, is the author of Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. Share article on Facebook Tweet article Plus one article on Google Plus Get NR Digital Free View Comments Read more at:

Read more at:

Salary in California for prosecutors exceeds $300K a year

City of Santa Monica doesn't employ Armenian Attorneys
Not like there is a shortage of them "Armenian Bar Association"

One interesting comment on this file is
 rings true in many incidences where prosecutors have acted unethically.
Why are they moved out on Mental Health stress or given a vacation then removed from the case



This tweet is from Attorney Bennet Kelley referring to "Armenian Mafia "

Bennet Kelley Cyber Squatted on Attorney Dan Balsams Web Site